Unbreakable Connectivity for RVers

Truly Remote Work

On the road in the United States since 2007, Jim and René rely on a combination of cellular broadband and—when camping remotely—a rooftop-mounted, automatically-deploying satellite system for internet access. The data plans are expensive, though, and the hardware itself is out of the price range of many RVers. 

Though cellular broadband has improved dramatically in recent years, it’s not without its issues. Large crowds in campgrounds during holidays overload local cellular towers, and nominally “unlimited” data plans are still subject to throttling once usage exceeds a certain limit. Many RVers subscribe to plans from multiple providers to provide redundancy, but that can be expensive and difficult to manage.

Thanks to Peplink, though—along with innovations in cellular service and data plans—there’s now a better way.

Success Factors

  • Reliable
    Solution must maintain connectivity, even in extremely remote locations.
  • Truly Mobile
    Solution must function anywhere in the US, including when in motion.
  • Unlimited 
    There can be no data caps or throttling.
  • User-friendly
    Solution must be easily manageable by consumers.
  • Affordable
    Both hardware and data must be priced in a way that’s accessible to the average consumer.

What’s Old is New Again

In 2017, T-Mobile purchased the low-frequency, 600 MHz Band 71. A long-depreciated radio frequency band used by low-power UHF television stations, band 71 has proven to have been a savvy, outside-the-box investment—with greater range than higher-frequency bands, it’s allowed T-Mobile‘s coverage to expand into rural areas, catching up to other major cellular broadband providers.

Enter Mobil Satellite Technologies. A Peplink and Frontier Computer Corp. partner specializing in remote cellular and satellite solutions, Mobilsat offers an unlimited, unthrottled 4G data plan, powered in part by band 71. At $99 per month, it’s accessible to most RVers.

Powered by Peplink

The Pepwave MAX Transit Mini

A data plan won’t do much good without a reliable router. Peplink’s Pepwave MAX Transit Mini Router is the perfect match. It’s ready for band 71 and, at a price point below $1000, is affordable for the majority of RVers. Even better, the MAX Transit Mini features multiple SIM card slots, allowing for multiple carriers. Though T-Mobile’s reach is expanding, it’s not at 100%, and the ability to incorporate multiple SIM cards ensures a constant connection.

Unbreakable Connectivity Anytime, Anywhere

Peplink’s Pepwave MAX Transit Mini, coupled with Mobilsat’s unlimited cellular data plan, finally allows RVers like Jim and René to stay connected and keep working—wherever the road takes them.