Unable to use Pepwave Router Utility


I am a newbie. I have not been able to reach my Pepwave Max BR1 MK2 LTEA W router using the Router Utility version 2.0.0 (this I believe is the beta version, but the original version did not work either). My phone is a LG G7 THIN Q using android version 8.0.0. I keep getting Router unreachable message. I have a green light for Remote Assistance on my Dashboard tab. I believe my problem is in the Host name entry because all other entries are optional. I have tried the IP Address from the Dashboard page; then using WAN connection priority 1 Cellular detail tab, which is VZW (Verizon). On the detail page I have used the IP Address which is between the Secondary band entry and the Subnet Mask entry. InControl2 works fine from any computer in any area. I even tried the incontrol detected IP address with no luck. I have also tried adding my admin and SSID info for Username and Password, neither worked. I also tried both secure and unsecured options, neither worked. I have made only minor changes to factory settings to the router. I have to admit, I am lost. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Just checking: Do you have a static IP address assigned to your SIM card by Verizon? If not then it seems likely that you have a carrier or shared NAT address as seen from the device (starting with 10.x.x.x or 100.x.x.x) and the InControl2 detected IP address is the public side of the NAT.

InControl2 works well in these situations, but trying to connect from the outside to the router using either the Verizon public IP address or the internal carrier NAT address will not connect you to the device.

See wikipedia - shared address space


Please confirm whether you are connected to the LAN side where the MK2 is, have a LAN IP from the MK2, and are typing in the LAN IP of the MK2 into the router utility while remaining connected to the same LAN?


The IP address I had did begin with 100., so I was on the phone with Verizon for about 2 hours trying to get a static IP address. No one at Verizon (at least the ones I spoke to) ever heard of a Pepwave router. The first person I talked to (after much explaining) said there would be a $500 charge to get a static IP address. After I explained that my router was to be used on my motorhome, not being used commercially, and $500 was way to much for my purposes I was transferred to the Business dept. After a lot of explaining and time, I was given a static IP address for one of my sim cards. I went to the motorhome and tried connecting to the sim card while I monitored the progress on the Dashboard tab of the Pepwave program. It nevered connected and hung up while trying to get the IP Address. I will be contacting Verizon again to solve my problem.


mystery, I really do not understand what your saying, sorry


Its somewhat basic stuff… If you cant figure out if you are on the same LAN as the Pepwave and are trying to connect to the Pepwave’s LAN IP to test, I dont know that I can help you. Perhaps contact the Peplink distributor where you bought the Pepwave for tech support?


I did spend another 2 hrs on the phone with Verizon to get my sim card repaired or replaced and was told that I should never have been given a static IP address because I do not have a commercial account and did not pay $500 for it. They are sending me a new sim card. Is there any way I can use the the Router Utility without paying the $500. Would it work if I used an ATT data sim card with my Verizon phone? Thanks again and I’m looking into online networking classes for this newbie


Each carrier has its own policy w.r.t. static IP addresses, and many do not allow static IP addresses at all. Verizon’s is pretty reasonable (the one-time fee of $500 allows for static IP addresses for all of the SIM cards on the account), though a bit steep if all you need is one address.

An alternative is to get a Fusionhub Solo license (free), install Fusionhub on a virtual machine with a fixed IP address ($5/month at the least expensive) and then proceed to establish a PepVPN connection from the Fusionhub instance to your MAX BR1. The Fusionhub can then be your gateway to your MAX BR1 for outside access.




The cause may be that the static IP address SIMs employ a different APN. They are regional - for the west it is we01.vzwstatic. My understanding is that the others are ne01.vzwstatic, nw01.vzwstatic, so01.vzwstatic and mw01.vzwstatic

Good luck.



why are you so set on getting a static ip address to use the router utility?

the router utility doesnt let you do much…


mystery, I probably have a much different use for my router than most. I am an old retired guy who loves the peaceful outdoors (solo outbacking). My other possible use is to monitor an off grid camp that I might purchase. As you might expect my children (in their 50’s now) are concerned with my safety being isolated and alone. They want to be aware of my location and condition. I picked the Pepwave MAX because of its reputation of being very reliable. The app will give my location easily over their cell phones. I have admit I’m not a networking person, but have a hard time understanding why the app will not connect to the Router Utility app. I have a security app that works with the router that allows real time camera viewing and two way verbal communications (though somewhat delayed). My only guess for the app not connecting is because of security reasons. Is there anyway other than the app that will give my kids my location easily by their cellphone app? The app will give notifications of router issues also.


where does this app provide anything about location and condition? i am logged in now, must be missing something…


The app says it gives GPS locations and notifications of things like loss of power when power returns


im on the app, i dont see it but i may be missing

any ways, if you want to connect to the app, first make sure you can connect on the local network not over the internet, then once that is working you can try over the internet

also, you will have to grant people full access to the device if they are to log-in to the app. that isnt good. i honestly would be looking for another solution for tracking.


For your use case - keeping the “kids” informed about your whereabouts - an alternative is to subscribe your device to InControl2. It is relatively inexpensive (i am not sure about your device, but many of them are at $29/year) and will provide a very rich information environment (incl. location). And it does not require a static IP address.

Let them have access to the InControl2 account and they’ll be able to see what’s going on with you.

Good luck,


is there any way to set alerts / geofence in incontrol2? i.e. email or SMS alert if the device moves or moves out of a boundary? i am testing a solution for a boat so this could be a nice to have…


@mystery, please refer to the Tips and Tricks below.

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