Unable to upgrade firmware pack for AP In Wall

I have a balance one (upgraded firmware to 7.02) and am having issues with my AP in wall going off-line, so I checked the firmware and it’s showing 3.4.1


I downloaded the latest firmware (3.5.4) but I can’t figure out how to upgrade the firmware. If I try “set firmware pack”, only default, none and 1145 are shown in the drop down.

If I go into toolbox it only shows 1145, and when I say “check for updates” it just refreshes the screen with no update. If I try to manually update using the “fw-ap-one_mini_300m_flex_inwall_pro-3.5.4-build1682.bin” file, it says “Invalid firmware pack”

I am at a loss. Please advise.


Please find the screenshot from the release note below. Your problem explained there.

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so now that I’ve already upgraded my Balance One, how do you propose getting this fixed?

How can I upgrade my inwall after I’ve already upgraded my Balance One to 7.02?

As mentioned in the release note, please upgrade the AP to v3.5.2 or later. I would suggest upgrading the AP One InWall to v3.5.4 directly from it’s Web Admin.

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I am new to Peplink solution .How could we have access to Web admin of AP ( as we cannot upgrade firmware through balance Web Admin) ?

When you manage APs with a balance or MAX router in the AP controller section of the router you will see a section called Profiles. The profiles applied to the APs include web admin settings that are applied to the APs - things like whether they should use http or https and the admin username and password. Go to that section and make a note of those details.

Then go to the Status > Client List view on the router and look for the IP addresses of the APs (you can hover your mouse over the MAX addresses to get the vendor name which can help:


Then login to each AP and perform a firmware upgrade.

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Hi Martin,

Thanks for your help but I am afraid I cannot connect with the web access with the IP address of the Access Point. Furthermore we are facing a weird behaviour with AP one enterprise + balance one. I seems that when we plug the AP one enterprise we loose the 2 WAN connectivity of the router ( viewed as off-line in control 2 ). The balance one is in 7.0.2. and we unable to upagrade the AP one enterprise in 3.5.4 neither through . incontrol2 nor web admin ( IP address unreachable ) .