Unable to "see" broadcast of newly created SSID

Hi, all, new here and to Peplink. I just purchased the Pepwave SOHO Surf running 6.3.3. I’ve got a lot of what I want to do configured and working well. However, I am stuck when creating a new SSID in it’s own VLAN.

I found instructions on doing it and everything looks good in my configuration based on those instructions. However, the new SSID is not being broadcast (I have the broadcast box checked to enable) and I also can’t connect to the SSID manually either.

Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I’ve searched and couldn’t find an answer. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi @JackieD97,

There could be a few reasons why this isn’t working as expected. We would like to investigate and open a dialogue to facilitate a resolution and identify a root cause. Please open a support ticket at your convenience.


Thank you.

You set to broadcast on both 2.4 and 5 ghz? If you exclude the 2.4 frequency - older devices may not be able to see it.

Yes, thanks for replying. Both SSID’s broadcast on both frequencies. I’ve tried to find the new SSID broadcast with a Windows 10 laptop, a MacOS laptop and an iPhone, the latter two are both 5 ghz capable, but none of them “see” it.