Unable to renew IP address

I have a Peplink MAX BR1 using AT&T. Last week, it disconnected from the network and never came back up. I traveled to the remote location and found that there was an error that said “Unable to renew IP address”.

While I understand that the 3G/LTE service might have interruptions, I’m curious why the Peplink didn’t try to reconnect. I rebooted the device, and it came back up just fine. In the past, even with some sort of disconnect, things have resumed.

Just curious if this is a known condition or if there is something else going on.

Hi Steve

Thanks for the feedback, I would say this is rather strange, could you please open a ticket for us to take a closer look?

Thank you
Chun Fatt

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Hi Steve and Chun,

We have the similar issue with our Peplink Max BR1’s. For some reason they do not automatically reconnect and keep giving this error. Did you guys get any further in finding out what it could possibly be?

Please open ticket for us to take closer look. We need to further check on the BR1 to confirm the root caused.

Thank you.

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All of your toubleshooting states to check the user forums for answers, then all I can ever find is “open a ticket”.
How exactly is this forum used to find answers to issues like this?

You raise the issue on the forum - we can tell you if its a known bug, or an issue with your config, and advise on troubleshooting steps. If we can’t work it out between us, Peplink engineering will ask you to log a ticket for a closer look.

The forum is the place to log issues first because you have a bunch of really helpful partners and users on here from all over the world - each one with their own local knowledge and use case specialisms. You can frequently get answers to questions here within minutes - often considerably faster than via a logged ticket.

If you do need to log a ticket, it saves a load of time if engineering can read through a forum post and see what troubleshooting steps have been taken. So make sure you link to the forum post (if you have raised one).


It would be nice to see what the fix for this issue was, as we are experiencing a very similar issue.
All forum entries I have read, never followup with what was done to fix the issue. I understand the purpose of the forum, just doesn’t seem like it really provides a solution for others to view and we end up creating tickets for issues that have already been reviewed by Peplink Engineering. Sharing the results of these tickets back to the forum would make this a much better solution for finding answers to common problems.

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