Unable to manage SSIDs after disabling InControl

I have a new Balance 20X running firmware 8.0.2. I enabled InControl2 and then created several SSIDs, VLANs and so on. About a week later, I disabled InControl2 in order to tweak the SSIDs and VLANs.

While I’m able to edit the VLANs, I’m unable to make any changes to the SSIDs. For the VLANs, I simply click on the name of the VLANs and then edit the settings. I’m unable to do so for the SSIDs.

Am I missing something?


I opened a ticket about this and learned that SSIDs created in InControl must be managed via InControl. Unlike the VLANs, the SSIDs cannot be edited on the router. To work around this, I deleted the SSIDs managed by InControl and have added new SSIDs which are identical to the deleted ones but managed by the router.