Unable to log into RouterLogin

Unable to log into RouterLogin

Hello, This is my first post in the forum please be humble if I had posted in the wrong category
Unable to log into Router, IP is Recently someone has accessed into its security setting, how to log on to it now?

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Hello @Simrahperalta,
If your balance router is still within waranty, then you may be able re regain control by setting it up within the Peplink InControl2 platform, for a guide on setting up InControl2, take a look at the InControl 2 Initial Setup Guide.

If someone else has already gone and put the router on InControl2 then they have control of your router and for you to regain control of the router (if you do not know who has that control) you will need to raise a support thicket here at Contact Us, post your Peplink ticket number here so the Peplink staff can see and they will get back to though the support ticket moving forward.

You can also factory reset the balance rotuer and set it up again if needed, there is the option to prevent the balance router being controled by InControl2 if you wish, this option will need to be choosen before you connect the balance router to the internet.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Hi Simrahperalta,
The default login IP address of the Balance Models is To access the device you can either connect to the SSID (if applicable) or plug directly in to the device via LAN. So the Web Administrator login pops up please ensure the connected client is on the 192.168.1.X /24 network.

The default login credentials are username: admin password: admin

Alternatively if the device is within warranty or has an IC2 subscription you can follow the steeps Marcus Dowling posted above.

Thank you