Unable to connect to MAX BR1 MK2 with Router Utility on iOS 14

After updating to iOS 14, I’m unable to login using the Router Utility app. With username and password filled in device settings/info, the app reports as Router unreachable in the main list. Tapping the router here just reports “Error in communicating with the router”. If I leave password (or username) unfilled, the router shows green in the list but still reports as unreachable when I tap and enter credentials in the Login screen.

Luckily I have a test device running iOS 13.7. I installed Router Utility on that device and I can connect that way. Is there an iOS 14 update coming soon? Is there a workaround other than not running on iOS 14?


I’m seeing some strange things since i updated to iOS 14. I think it may have to do with a new feature called “Private address”.

It generates random MAC addresses when joining a network. Try disabling private address in your wifi settings for given network and rejoining to see if that clears it up.


Rarely, a network might allow you to join with a private address, but won’t allow internet access. If that happens, you can stop using a private address with that network.


Hi. Apple [again] made some significant changes in this iOS release.
On your iOS product to to Settings → router Utility. Is “Local Network” on (green)? I think it must be. Does that address the issue, i wonder?

You’ll probably also want to do as @stego suggested, eliminate randomized MAC addressing on your trusted network which is behind a balance router – particularly if you re using that MAC/IP address to perform any routing functions - e.g outbound policies.

Ah ha! That Local Network setting was the trick. I had already tried the Private Address change, sorry for not mentioning that.

It would be a good idea to add a link to the Router Settings from within the Router Utility app.

Thanks for the quick fix!