Unable to Access Router Setting When Internet is down

I have balance 20 router.
I have two Internet connected in both WAN 1 & 2 under algorithm “Fastest Response”
The problem that I have always faced is, I am unable to access the login page of balance 20 whenever there is internet outage from either WAN 1 or WAN 2.
Is this normal that the accessibility of Local Network becomes unavailable when either of the WAN is down?
Shouldn’t the Local network be still available regardless of the internet connectivity?

Please have a look under your routers network settings.
For the DNS server settings, please try disabling the option of “Assign DNS server automatically” and then enter your chosen DNS servers e.g. & or &
What this will do is stop the devices on you LAN using your WAN providers DNS servers and force them to use the DNS servers your specify here (unless the LAN devices manually select their own DNS servers).
This will mean when you WANs go down, you device does not need to wait for DHCP to assign a new DNS server.
Please note that these settings can take as long as your DHCP Lease Time to propagate your network so if you want to test straight away, please force your devices to obtain new DHCP settings and check that they are using the DNS servers you entered above.

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Appreciate your response.
I just checked my network settings and found out that DNS settings was already set to and
Please note the current firmware for my router is 7.1.0 build 3504

Any other ideas?

No its not.

Yes it should.

You’ll need to fault find it but as Sam is suggesting its likely that the device you are using to try and access the web ui with is having IP address issues.

Test it.

  • Unplug your WAN links.
  • Connect your PC / laptop
    *can you ping the router IP? If not what IP address does your laptop have?
  • If you can ping it, can you get the webui? If not have you got web security software running? Something that could be blocking web access because it can’t run URL malware checks without internet access perhaps?