Unable to access Linksys AP

I just set up my balance one, and I added a linksys WRT54GS to one of the ports, which I set up with IP, where the Balance one is (default).

I found the linksys under rogue AP’s and marked it as friendly, and it shows up under wireless AP. I finally found it’s IP address under Status, I see that Peplink has assigned it to (I set up DHCP range to start at 80), so I assigned it as fixed DHCP at and changed the DHCP range to start at .2, saved/apply and rebooted the router, but it’s still showing up as

How can I get the IP address I want assigned? I looked for some sort of IP release, so it would have to get re-assigned, but unable to find it.

You can just unplug/replug the Ethernet cable going to the Lynksys or simply reboot the Lynksys.