UK EE Cellular Connectivity Issues

Hi guys,
I have had multiple issues reported by customers over the last few days of Peplink cellular devices not being able to reconnect to the EE network here after a device reboot.

In many cases the BR1 / B30LTE’s have been working fine for months, and in some instances there are installation locations where two BR1s are installed in different offices <50M apart where one BR1 has been rebooted and so can’t connect to EE but the other BR1 is still connected.

Installation locations are nationwide, reported by multiple customers. Please see ticket #767768 for RA.

Customer has tried using the SIM from a device that won’t connect in his smartphone, other vendor cellular routers and USB dongle and all connect fine.


Hi Martin,

We have looked into this issue and can confirm that these SIMS came back online at 4 AM UK time.
Our engineers were still investigating the issue and noticed the SIM on one of the units was connected before they established the root cause.
We suspect this was an issue with the cellular network.
Can you check with your customers to see if all SIMS are back online?


Erik de Bie

Thanks Erik,
Yes I suspect the cellular network too, but it would have been nice to have some hard evidence to justify my suspicion rather than just a general sense of mistrust :wink:

I’ll ping the rest of the customers and confirm connection status.


This EE related issue is still ongoing. I have had multiple issues reported to me by my supported customers.
I have an EE engineer booked to come and do some investigation and would like to hear from anyone else who is having problems with EE at the moment.

Let me know in this thread.

Just to keep this thread updated for the future. It looks like EE in the UK recently rolled out IPV6 on some of its data products. There were incompatibility issues with Peplink and EE’s IPV6 implementation. Once the underlying issue was identified, Peplink rolled a special build firmware to resolve the issue. This is currently undergoing deep customer beta testing.

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