UK - EE 5G Bandwidth Throttling

Have any of the other forum members from the UK seen any evidence of EE throttling certain traffic across their 5G network?

We have a client in central London who are using a Balance 310X with an EE-5G connection presented via ethernet from a Huawei 5G router.

When connecting a computer directly to the Huawei box seems to report very high bandwidth with results commonly showing 300Mbps down and 150Mbps up, however downloading say a Ubuntu ISO file from one of thier UK mirrors or doing an FTP upload to a UK server yields much lower performance, roughly 1/3 those numbers.

Running WAN analysis tests from the Balance 310X to the FusionHub shows we are able to reach speeds of around 75-80Mbps down and 45Mbps up, this seems to be the maxiumum whether I am using 1 stream or 8 in parallel and are similar to what we see if testing an HTTP download or uploading via FTP when connected direclty to the Huawei router.

If I then use the PepVPN bandwidth test with just the 5G WAN enabled we see downstream capped to around 20-25Mbps although the upstream seems to be unaffected, again number of parallel streams used doesn’t seem to affect the overall bandwidth.

I have also tried with and without encryption on the VPN profile and it seems to make no difference, they also have a 100Mbps circuit from the bulding they are in and we have no trouble maxing that out via the PepVPN so the FusionHub is likely not to blame here either.

This is the first time we’ve deployed a Pepwave with EE-5G as a WAN uplink, although generally speaking we use a lot of their data SIMs for LTE and have never seen these kinds of issues.

My only thought at the moment is that as the client has supplied thier own 5G router and SIM here I am starting to suspect they are using it with a SIM intended for a phone rather than one sold specifically for “mobile broadband” but am trying to get that confirmed…

Further investigation suggests that this is indeed the case here.

A plan sold mainly for use in a phone was used and it seem that under some circumstances certain traffic types and flows are being rate limited within the EE network.