UBR wifi speed issues.. 73 down to 12

When on my wifi (BC) only:
Download: 73.93 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…
Upload: 163.86 Mbit/s

On UBR With 3 bonded connections including BC WIFI.
Download: 12.68 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…
Upload: 9.39 Mbit/s

Im preparing for a trip where we want to connect to wifi and then boost it with cellular as we will be in islands. Testing at home and these tests seem to show we cannot get the full speed of even our own wifi in a controlled environment. Concerning.

I hope I have misconfigured something that you all are aware of…

made a change to isolate… Same.

Download: 14.36 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…
Upload: 13.32 Mbit/s

when I only have WIFI in the highest priority, no connectivity.

Retrieving speedtest.net configuration…
Cannot retrieve speedtest configuration
ERROR: <urlopen error [Errno 8] nodename nor servname provided, or not known>

The specs of the device…

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I also notice that when I run each cellular on its own in highest priority, I get around 10 down, 10 up. But together they do the same.

Download: 10.72 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…
Upload: 10.27 Mbit/s

Clearly i dont have my configs right.

Agreed. I assume (perhaps in error) that with (2) cellular producing 10 each plus my wifi, id get at least 20 or approaching the limit.

Im not.

and I get zero with wifi only

I would suggest you make outbound policies to route only certain traffic over SFC. For example make Zoom, gSuite and o365 go over speedfusion and then let everything else use basically load balancing (not SFC).

SpeedFusion isnt necessarily designed to linearly “boost” the performance with each additive WAN - its main benefit is RELIABILITY of traffic.

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Thank you.
Any idea why I have no connectivity when using just the wifi in priority 1?

Any chance your WIFI WAN IP range is the same as the LAN range? That can cause problems (ie both 192.168.50.x).

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For Basecamp2 question - create a new outbound policy rule and put it above the SFC rules - have this send traffic enforced to Basecamp2… Im suspecting that there will be a Captive Portal that needs to be accepted.

When traffic is being directed to SFC but the WAN its using doesn’t pass traffic - could result in the experience your describing. Because the traffic is being sent into the SFC tunnel, the Captive Portal on Basecamp2 wont necessarily popup.

Are you able to get to other URL’s beyond just speedtest.net? How about speedof.me?

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It was not the same

192.168.4.x (BC)
192.168.50.x (pep)

There was no captive portal.