UBR LTE why in Cold Standby

Newbee here. Setup my first 3 UBR LTE. Both T-Mobile (working without issue) and Verizon - which are in Cold Standby but I don’t know why.

Verizon is the Highest priority in Connection status.

Hover over icon in Incontrol, ‘Hit 100% usage…’ hover over icon in Web Admin, ‘Restricted to management’. The status log just says it has disconnected in Cold Standby.

But Bandwidth Allowance Monitor is disabled. and looking at the Verizon accounts, all the lines are way below usage limits, or zero usage.

Outbound rules are weighted to send some traffic thru Verizon. and SpeedFussionCloud is enabled.

any ideas?

Please provide screenshots where you hover them.

Is the Verizon wan showing as ‘always connected’ or ‘standby / backup’?

try to enable bandwidth monitor , with restrict and disconnect disable with a large amount , more usage then you’ve used and see if it resets itself.

Solved. InControl SIM Pool will override the local device setting for usage limits. Once the Pool usage is met (and i my case i cannot explain why so much data was used, but never-the-less) all SIMs in the Pool will switch to Cold Standby.



Good to know thanks for the update.

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