UBR LTE unimpressive 'Speed'Fussion

My speed test shows Cloud SpeedFussion slower than the individual LTE connections for download.

Wired to the UBR LTE. Tested Tmobile and Verison. Both showed full bars on the connection. ~100ms latency.

Two tests each, a few seconds apart. Using Google speed test.
forced to Tmobile: test 1: 69/12 (down/up Mbps) test 2: 71/21
forced to Verizon: test1: 31/10 test 2: 30/10

Cloud Speedfusion:
no packet loss. full bars.
32/28 36/24
WAN Smoothing: 35/21

Download cut in half. Upload 2X.

i like the upload performance boost, but downloads were half the speed. Anyone see better results?


Its normally caused by latency variation (jitter) or packetloss. I’ve seen speedtests of >100Mbps where the standing latency before the test was 60ms but during it went to 2secs+ that level of latency variation kills VPN speeds.

Run the SpeedFusion Status Graphs and do the tests again and post a screenshot of the results.

You want a speedtest that measures jitter.
Cloudflares Speedtest is really good. Use that. https://speed.cloudflare.com/

Also you should enable the new dynamic weighted bonding algo. Its fantastic.




A very good point indeed.