UBR LTE OTA performance

I am considering using UBR LTE with multiple operators (docomo & au in Japan) active at the same time.
Do you have any measurement data of OTA performance with the antennas included ?
(4 LTE antennas are directly attached to the unit, not extended with antenna cables.)
In the above case, we have the following concerns due to the close distance between these antennas.

  1. Efficiency as a stand-alone antenna is not achieved (neighboring antennas are visible as metal).
  2. Insufficient isolation between antennas 1 (when there is a Tx antenna, it becomes a jamming wave when viewed from Rx)
  3. Insufficient isolation between antennas 2 (If antenna correlation is high, MIMO performance will not be achieved.)
    If you have any data that shows no particular problem in these concerns, I would appreciate it if you could obtain it.

Thank you.

It all depends on your expectation and how good is the signal. In general if the signal is good it will work as expected. In case the signal is weak, then every minor thing starts to influence performance and for this case I would suggest using external antenna to improve the performance. You can take a look at Peplink’s MB-42G.

The UBR LTE, doesn’t work in MIMO mode. If I am not mistaken, there are 2x antennas pre modem and the second antenna for diversity.

For #1 I would not worry. The frequencies in which LTE modem is operating are not mmWaves so the effect will be minimal.
The UBT LTE uses CAT4 modem, thus there is only 1 antenna which transmits and receives. Therefore #2 is not an issue. Since the product has 2x modems and different operators, both of them will work on different bands spectrum slices. So I would not worry about #3.


Thanks a lot for your quick reply !!

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Hi Giedrius - is the UBR-LTE available, or end of life? Is the new version coming out soon?

Hi Jeff,

no, UBR LTE is not end of life. We just keep improving our products as always. We do work a new version, but there is no clear release date set yet.

What we can offer for now is UBR Plus as an alternative solution.

Hello @Hiroshi_Seto,
You may want to join this feature request conversation as the UBR has reached end-of-life, and the replacement UBR has an MoQ of 500 and a 16+ week lead time.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: