UBR LTE IP Passthrough

Does the MAX UBR LTE support IP Passthrough mode on the Cellular WAN connections? I’ve seen this setting located in the WAN Connection details on the smaller MAX-BR1 units, but I’m not seeing it on the UBR LTE. Has this feature been removed for some reason? I’m running Pepwave firmware version 8.1.3.

Hello Jason,

Unfortunately, it is not supported for the MAX UBR LTE unit.


Thank you for your response. Is there a reason why this is not supported? Is there another way of accomplishing this configuration?

You can try forwarding your ports.

This also depends on what exactly you are trying to achieve as well.

I am trying to configure my pfSense firewall WAN port via DHCP from the Pepwave, with the goal of receiving the public IP address of the cellular connection. I do not want to forward ports which would create a double-NAT situation.

It seems like IP Passthrough, or bridged mode should be a standard feature of a cellular router. How do I go about requesting this feature be added to a future release?

Hello Jason,

You can submit your feature request here

Does “drop-in” mode not work for this?