UBR LTE disables WLAN when WIFI-WAN is active despite having dual band radio

I have a brand new UBR LTE running latest 8.2.0 firmware. I have wireless cameras on the UBR’s WLAN and on the WAN side I have 1) wired, 2) Wifi-WAN 3) LTE in that order of priority. What I am finding is whenever the Wifi-WAN goes active (or even just connected as hot standby) the UBR implicitly disables the WLAN! The UBR LTE has dual band radio. On my WLAN, the wireless cameras are always on 2.4ghz and I have tried putting Wifi-WAN on both a 5ghz and 2.4ghz connection and same thing. The WLAN is always implicitly disabled (goes down and status shows gray with a broken LAN symbol) whenever the Wifi-WAN connects. This seems pretty much useless unless it is expected that a customer will only use wired LAN devices when using Wifi-WAN as uplink, active or hot standby. Doesn’t seem this should happen with a dual band radio. Any ideas from those experienced with Peplink dual-band mobile routers?