UBR and 5G Readiness

Hello Sir,
Greetings to all for the wonderful solutions from Peplink.
May I know if the UBR LTE is 5G ready for the market. How much is the annual subscription for primecare on this device

Hi @DannyK. Welcome to the forum. Currently there is no UBR 5G variant as per datasheet:

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Thanks Peplink Team,
Please how much is the annual primecare subscription fee on the UBR LTE

Hello @DannyK,
Where are you based (which country)? You will need to contact your local Peplink Partner as the UBR is not available worldwide (for example it is not currently allowed to be sold in Australia or New Zealand).
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Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcus
I am in Ghana West Africa.

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Hi dkawayevu

you can write us an email under [email protected]. The ADVANTESCO UAE team will check what they can do for you or which partner can help you.

All the best

Thanks so much for your reply.
I have found a partner here in my country serving the whole Africa

I will send all queries to them now.