U.S. Photo Roadshow - Take a Picture with Peplink!

Roadshow Summary

Our U.S. “Take a Picture with Peplink” roadshow has been successfully completed. Thank you for all your participation and amazing sharing! Here’s a throwback to what happened during Wen-Han Chang’s road trip:

Over the years at Peplink, we have seen countless examples of customers who bring absolute passion to whatever they do - a mindset that we feel is shared with our own values.

These are the people that together have built what Peplink has become. These people love to explore, learn and make improvements to the community from products to business approaches. During the exploration, sometimes they hit the wall with frustrations. Sometimes they make things work like magic. The driving force behind it all is passion.

Thankfully, we have a Director of Photography who brings this same passion to his work. @wenhanc is from our Taiwan office and he is heading out across the U.S. on a road trip to try and capture as much of this passion as possible.

Peplink values anyone with passion who is pushing the limits to make their solution work - big or small, reach out to us here and request an appointment to have Wen-Han come out and take a look at what you have been up to with Peplink.