Type of data usage reports

Hi Everone,

Got myself another feature request, or i can’t find a work arround.
The Media fast devices have a cool feature to see the type of traffic being used.
not on a protocol level like the active sessions page in every Peplink / Pepwave, but based on video streaming x% used, and email traffic xx% used etc.

For now in InControl2 we can offcourse see the total bandwith usage of every WAN interface on a variety of ways, But there is no option to see which kind of traffic this is.
For customers to get a good insight of what their end users are doing, without inmediatly blocking everything that is not neccessary this would be a good addidtion we think.

Maybe there are more people interested in this as well!

Frontier Computer.

Hi Yannick,

just enable DPI on InControls device dashport.



Were can i find this option in Incontrol?

Hi !
Enable DPI on supported devices from the device dashboard → Edit !
From the dashboard of your DPI-enabled device choose ->Reports → DPI-Reports.