Two questions about QoS

Hi, we have a network composed by 21 Peplink Balance 310, 9 PB 380 and 2 PB 580 connected, in star mode, to 2 PB 710 with speedfusion and everithing it’s ok. Now we are planning to implement a VoIP solution between the remote sites and so I have two questions:

  1. is it possible to give priority to voip traffic over normal traffic inside the vpn tunnel to avoid problems during traffic congestion?
  2. is it possible to give priority to vpn traffic over normal web traffic in the same wan connection?

It’s very important for us to know these things in order to plan our voip solution in the best manner.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Fabrizio-

Yes, traffic can be prioritized using the QoS capabilities on the Peplink devices. There is built-in support for a number of applications, and you can also add custom applications based on port or port range.

Hi Tim, thank you very much for your reply. So if I configure the QoS in the section Network-QoS of our Balances this will affect both the traffic that goes through the vpn tunnel and also the traffic that goes out of the tunnel direct to internet?


Yes - QOS will apply to the specified outbound traffic whether it is going through SpeedFusion or not.

Thank you very much for your replies. Now we can implement voip solution in our “speedfusion network” without problems.