Two point-2-point and one internet link


Hi Guys,

I have this scenario and would need help on the same.

I have two locations which are going to connect through 580 at one location I have internet while. Soon I will have other point to Point deployed between these. Since I have Balance 580 need to know if I can deploy Speedfusion for bonding? Do I need get any additional licenses?

Can someone please guide me on deploying speedfusion with 580?



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Here is eventually I would like to achieve


Please find the FAQ below for more details. You may contact your purchasing point if you need further help.



HI there,

I am little confused on setting up peplink for Point-to-point link. I tried setting up this way but since Peplink can accept only one LAN port I had to deploy that link on WAN port.

Now if the link is deployed on WAN port I do not want to put default gateway since I also had Internet link terminated on same 580 which should ideally have default GW. Now if I put in this scenario traffic originated from Peplink A is getting natted while going to Peplink B.

Can I use that as router instead of natting it?

Please if now I have two p2p links what should be the stepwise procedure?

  1. Configure 1st WAN p2p link and configure Default GW
  2. Configure 2nd WAN p2p link and configure Default GW?
  3. Configure other side WAN p2p Link both the IP address and default gw?
  4. Configure pepVPN using Device ID?
  5. Configure Speedfusion?

Only Issue I see here is Location B ins scenario 2 will have internet as well as TWO wan links in that case how do I route traffic for through Speed fusion?

Here is the my scenario 1[]<======>[]==

2nd Scenario


Hello @Blason,
Who is your peplink partner? There is a thread that they have access to about this as a POC, there may be some information useful they can extract to help you on this, the thread is titled “Bonding across Private WAN Links for Point to Point links with two sites”.
In this POC they used SpeedFusion to built & managed the connected WAN private links through InControl2.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


I am the peplink partner and managing the stuff on my own hence not aware of the setting neither I have access to that link.

Would really appreciate if you can make that link available? pls


Hi Guys,

I refered to the article and here are my few doubts and I would highly appreciate if someone can clarify it.

Now I have Two 580 boxes at both the locations. Assume BOXA and BOXB.

  1. On boxAThere are 2 P-2-P links between A-B [WAN2 & WAN3]
  2. One Internet link on WAN1
  3. On boxB two P-2-P links only WAN2 & WAN3
  4. So first I need to configure WAN2 & WAN3 at both the places in IP-forwarding mode?
  5. WAN1 at boxA in NAT mode?
  6. Same at boxB WAN2 and WAN3 in IP-Forwarding mode?
  7. Configure interfaces
    boxA WAN2 - what should be default gateway?
    boxA WAN3 - what should be default gateway?

boxB - WAN2 - default gateway
boxB - WAN3 - default gateway

Then configure Pep-VPN or directly configure SpeedFusion?

Please advise