Two Factor VPN options?

We have a Peplink Balance 20 for a small accounting office of about 25 people. I’ve been asked to look into remote access options. I’ve played with the Remote User Access feature in the Peplink, but with some recent hacking incidents in the industry, I’m looking for something beyond a simple username and password. I’m thinking some kind of second identification. A PIN or maybe something like Google Authenticator.

Does Peplink support this natively in any fashion? Anyone using anything like that along side a Peplink router?


  • Steve
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2 factor authentication is currently not available for the remote user access. I will move you to feature request and let engineering team to consider the request.


Just registered to +1 this request.

Would really like to see some sort of native 2 factor authentication for users connecting through the PepLink Balance 20’s VPN tunnel.

Thank you

+1 Too.
Currently searching for a product with this feature

This is becoming more important these days with remote users. Is there an update to this feature request? Thx

Steve, Did you ever find a solution for this request? Thanks.


valuable to have two factor auth… ic2, admin page, remote vpn, etc