Tweak to InControl2 alerting

It would be very useful if the alerting from the InControl groups could all be set with “alert after” x number of minutes, right now only “device up/down” can be set this way but all other alerts generate immediate emails, it would be very useful if a timed mechanism could be put as an option against all alerting criteria, eg: VPN up/down and WAN connection up/down.

We have instances where generating instant alerts is over the top and creates a flood of emails, if we could limit this based on a service for example (as single xG will go up and down and not many people would want to react every time it did)

Thanks for your suggestion. We receive the similar request before. The feature has been put in our road map.

It is technically complicated to implement delayed alerts for WAN and SpeedFusion. But we are rewriting an engine in the backend. After it is completed, it will be simpler for us to implement this feature. Stay tuned.