[Tutorial] OOBM via MAX Transit Serial Interface

Please find below the picture and screenshot, specifically for MAX Transit, connected to Cisco router Console Port. It should be the same on other devices with Serial/Console port.

  1. Console Cable Pin Layout

  2. Cross-check the RJ45-to-MAX Serial Connection Mapping

  3. Connect to MAX Transit - Terminal Block Serial Pin

  4. Connect to Cisco Console Port

  5. Enable MAX Transit - UART Settings

  6. Configure the Telnet/Terminal Emulation Client

  7. Access to Cisco CLI from the Telnet/Terminal Emulation Client (Preferably Non-Windows OS)

This configuration can be applied to other devices/instrument with serial (RS-232) interface/port, if you know the Pin-Layout and the Serial Parameters (Baud Rate, Data Bits, Stop Bits, Parity, Flow Control).


BR1 mini have guide to console

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