Turning off a VLAN'S WiFi (not just an SSID)?

Is there a way to completely turn off a VLAN’s WiFi, not just an SSID? I understand there’s no specific button for this, so I’m looking for some other method.

In normal times, for instance I’d like to completely turn off my Guest_VLAN’s WiFi, but now I basically have to create and delete it for each guest’s arrival. Why don’t I just turn off the SSID? I have no technical reason - I’m just uncomfortable broadcasting it when it isn’t needed.

Now, however, I have a different situation - I’m transferring data from a Surf SOHO to a Balance 20X. I’d really like to be able to open both routers’ Admin pages, 20X on WiFi and SOHO hardwire Ethernet, to copy relevant data from one to the other and I would be happier if both routers weren’t broadcasting the identical data while I’m configuring.

Again, I understand there is not button that turns it off, but perhaps there’s a work-around, like a firewall rule or something of that nature.

Do you use InControl2 to manage the SSID configuration?

If so you can just set it to enable the SSID on devices with specific tags, you can add/remove the tags to enable/disable the specific SSID as you wish.

As for the second question why not just disable the AP in one device until you’re done configuring it, again if you’re using IC2 just don’t tag the device and it won’t broadcast anything.

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I didn’t plan to keep IC2 running past the free period of one year, and while I might do so on this Balance router, I think I’d better learn an alternative method, if there are any.

So, an admission - I spent a lot of time looking at a term new to me, i.e., “tag.” That led me to “AP Controller,” also unfamiliar to me. I’ll consider adding an IC2 subscription - probably a cloud solution will help me in case I need to recover from a mistake. I’ll do some further research on tags and AP Controller.

However, let me ask a basic question that may resolve my issue. On the router admin site, tab AP > Settings > SSID allows me to check a box next to my various VLANs. I assumed “unchecking” a VLAN simply meant the WiFi continued to broadcast, but the SSID wasn’t published; maybe I’m misunderstanding this. I just unchecked one and tried to sign in and could not connect, “Could not join GuestVLAN. The network could not be found.” It works fine when the box is checked.

Am I misunderstanding? Why did it not connect when unchecked and connect when checked? (The example is from my Surf SOHO, but as the firmware is the same I assume it’s similar to the Balance 20X.)

Do you use any of the features of your 20X that require PrimeCare such as SpeedFusion bonding? If so you will need to keep the Primecare subscription running anyway, it’s pretty minimal cost on the 20X per year though and I’d honestly keep it running even if you don’t use those features as:

  1. It extends the hardware warranty for your unit.

  2. It provides nice remote monitoring and easy access to change settings if you’re not able to directly log into the unit.

Perhaps share a screenshot as it’s not clear what tick box you are referring to, the only one I think you could be talking about is the “Broadcast SSID” box that is below the VLAN selection when you are configuring the SSID directly on the device itself?

This is not an enable/disable button, but rather selects whether the SSID is broadcast or hidden - it just stops it being visible in the list of available networks on a device, it does not stop the radio beaconing (and it’s a worthless “security” feature these days as it is trivial to see the that the SSID is broadcasting and what the SSID is). A device that is configured to connect to the SSID when it was visible may decide not to connect when the SSID is hidden and claim the network is unavailable.

I don’t use the built in AP controller much these days as the customers we have that use Peplink APs generally seem to prefer the Ic2 way of managing them, or are using features of the APs that require the use of Ic2.

The interface of the B20x and Surf SOHO is slightly different, so you need to say which one you are referring to, and also the firmware version.

Killing an SSID involves two steps. On A Surf SOHO fw 8.1, do AP tab → wireless ssid → click on the SSID and assign it to a schedule that is always off. Then, still in the AP tab, go to Settings if left side column and for the desired SSID uncheck it from both radio frequency bands.

I assumed that it was just supposed to be not visible, and how useless it is as a security feature.

I didn’t know that. If anything, that makes the approach even worse. Thanks.

Thanks, Michael, I’ve done that.

I believe I’ll return to my old approach and delete the VLAN until I need it.