Turn off Green LED on Pepwave One Enterprise

There is a green LED on the outside of the Pepwave One Enterprise. How do I turn off this LED? There are also illuminated LEDs at the point where the Ethernet cables attach. How do I turn this off?


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Good Evening
This has been requested in the past.
Please visit the following posts and comment on them to bring them back to the top of the forum.

I had not thought about the LEDs on the network ports!

Hope this helps

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Thanks. I DID, of course, do a search for past posts before making this one but nothing came up… (I searched for LED.)

Does Peplink have an estimate for when 3.6.1 will be available?

3.6.0 was a fairly recent release. So it may be a little while before 3.6.1 is released. I have reached out to our engineering team to see if they have an ETA and will provide an update when I have more information.

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Engineering team has confirmed that they do not have an ETA at this time for 3.6.1.

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Thanks, Zach.

I just replaced my earlier set of APs with nine from Peplink. All of the competing brands allowed users to control the indicator LEDs. I look forward to when Peplink catches up with the competition.


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Another vote for this conifg item.

+1 for this feature request with another client interested in this too.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Good News guys!

Disable light is possible in this release!

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Thanks! I just updated my 5 Enterprise units and turned off the lights. Very easy.

I also think the blinking option is really neat, even if I can’t see an immediate use in my configuration.

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No problem. When I was reading the release notes, I was thinking that a lot of people had asked for this feature so let let them all know!