Tunnel traffic over open VPN server


me again :wink: … I am close but I cannot find how to finally activate it:

  • have configured a open VPN server on my home unifi UDM pro se
  • have configured a VPN Client Profile in my peplink max bro mini here in my van (with the generated open VPN profile Fe from my unifi device)
  • but now I have to clue how to activate it so that all traffic goes over this VPN Tunnel
  • or is it imicitely active once I enable the openvpn profile on tbe peplink side ?

can anyone give me some hint?
thaanx and cheeerz in advance

just found the status->openvpn section and wondering how I can connect my openvpn profile ??
i just do not find a way to activate this VPN tunnel … am I blind :joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth:?

please enlighten me someone :sparkles:

ok … next step of self-enlightenment:

  • detected that I am missing openvpn wan licence
  • bought and installed it
  • configured it
  • but it cannot connect … tries to connect but remains disconnected
  • the openvpn profile works eg just tested it on my pixel phone and there it connected seamlessly

could still something else be missing ?

@Gerold_Kathan Wondering if you ever had any success with this? I am in a very similar situation at the moment (trying to use OpenVPN Client from BR1 Mini back to a UXG-Max) and seeing the exact same behavior.

Without being able to view the logs on the Peplink, its very difficult to troubleshoot.

yez … I think I created a peplink ticket …and the guys fixed the open VPN profile which was generated from my unifi gateway … have to check … they commented the 2 red marked lines … and in my case now everything works

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