Trying to setup WIFI as WAN on MAX BR1 Mini

I’m trying to set up a MAX BR1 Mini as a failover router for my network. Ultimately I want to configure it to use WiFi WAN as the default with failover to Cellular WAN. I can’t see any options to configure WiFi WAN. Looking for help. Did I buy the wrong unit?

Look at the “feature add ons” section on the product page…

Looks like you can purchase a license that enables the functionality you are wanting.

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Thanks for the quick response. The brochure clearly says it has WiFi WAN. I searched for the add-on feature you pointed out and it doesn’t exist on their store. Thank God because the other software features are over $1000 for a license!?!

I filed a ticket with Tech Support, let’s see what they say.

The BR1 Mini requires the license add on to enable Wi-Fi WAN/Ethernet WAN.


Eric, that’s disappointing since the brochure lists wifi as ean and does not caveat it indicating its an add on like some other features. I searched your web store and can’t find that license. How do i get it and how much is it?

@EW / @Cassy_Mak The page for the Mini needs to be updated at the top and and time the ethernet or wifi as wan is referred to , so that it’s more clear that ethernet wan and wifi-as-wan is an add on.

@c.hoddinott You can order the license upgrade from your peplink partner.
If you don’t have one you can PM me and I can order it for you.

The MAX-BR1-MINI-LC-FS license is $100 US

You can also activate a 30 trial on the status tab
click the trial under the “SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing & Link Load Balancing trial”
This will activate the trial of all the wan’s as well.

thanks. I bought the license and everything seems to be working. I really suggest you update the brochure. I was very close to returning the unit and the surprise $100 upcharge was upsetting.

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I don’t work for peplink, just a partner, I suggested they update the website as well.
The brochure you are referring to was it the website, paper, or somewhere else?

Sooo sorry didn’t mean to vent on you. Yes it was the brochure on their website. Under WAN it lists WiFi-WAN without any caveat. In reading the add-on options, I thought what they were selling as an add-on was failover capability. I just needed WiFi-WAN. They use an asterisk for other features that are add-ons, but not the WiFi-WAN. So I clearly was wrong but very confused by the brochure. I attached it and highlighted the areas that I found confusing. $100 mistake on my part. Also, when I searched their eStore for that feature, there were no results. So, I had no idea the cost. The other add-on features are upwards of $1000. So I was a bit cross about the bait and switch I thought I was getting. Have a great night, again, sorry to bother you!

pepwave_max_br1_mini_LTE_datasheet.pdf (1.14 MB)

Makes sense the first line needs some indication to “look below” for add on license. I’ll recommend someone from Peplink reviews this thread.

Thank you for your suggestion. We updated the webpage and datasheet accordingly.

@Jonathan_Pitts Hi new to community, saw this thread I am having the same issue - no license and was not aware of the need of a license. Can I purchase a license from you? I bought my router from Amazon.

thank you

Wendy Whitworth

Yes I can help you I’ll send you a pm.