Trying to setup remote access OpenVPN or L2TP

Hello everyone,

I am trying to set up remote access to work from home, but I couldn’t make it. I tried to set up OpenVPN and L2TP but none of them connected from outside.

I am using a Peplink Balance 710 with Firmware version 8.0.2 and our public IP address is set up on the ISP router, the WAN interface on the Peplink that is connected to it has a private IP.

Here is my topology

Can someone please help me to set up remote access with this topology?

Thanks in advance

Do you have any option to get a public IP from the ISP router directly to the WAN on the Balance?

If not you will need to make sure that any necessary NAT config on the ISP router is done to forward the required ports to the IP you have on the Peplink WAN else traffic will more than likely inbound connections will just stop at the ISP router and not be forwarded to the Peplink correctly.

What is the model of the ISP hardware? Basically you want to get that out of the way, or into a bridge mode.