Trying to set up DMZ for my PS4

I have had a lot of trouble co-op gaming with certain friends, and we have reason to believe that it’s a function of our NAT type (we use NAT type 2 but it never works for us). I’m trying to set up a DMZ for the PS4 only. But I can’t seem to find any dedicated DMZ or gaming etc. tab like on other routers on the Pepwave dashboard.

I have set up a new inbound firewall rule to try and make it work but I’m not sure how to check. My PS4 still says NAT type 2. I set up a DCHP reservation using the MAC address and IP for the PS4 to make it a static address.

I can’t seem to post a screenshot of the but here are my settings.

WAN - Any
Protocol - Any
Source IP - Any
Destination - Single (Static IP for PS4)
Action - Allow

Any suggestions or even links to tutorials for pepwave would be much appreciated.

Dude I have the same problem
Not the same router tho
Have you found a solution?

Can you let us know what model device you are using? DMZ is generally more on consumer based routers. On the Peplink/Pepwave devices you would normally create inbound port forwarding, and then forward all TCP and all UDP to the PS4’s IP address, effectively making it DMZ. It’s a bit different depending if it’s a Balance device or a MAX cellular device so if you let us know what model you have I can definitely check how you’d configure it.

Just from you mention of “allow” it sounds like you are creating a firewall rule. This will not direct traffic to an IP address, it just decides if the traffic is allowed or not.
What model are you using and what type of internet connection?
You need to create a port forward rule.

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I have the Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini. I’m trying to set up a DMZ for my PS4 as well.