Trying to separate Voice and Data Traffic using VLANS


Apologize in advance. I’m kinda tech savvy but not an expert…especially with networks. We are a small office that connects to a larger firm through a firewall device. We just installed VOIP phones that connect to our PCs as well as the wall ports. Call quality is horrible so we were instructed by the larger firm to buy a router to segment the traffic. Are we able to do that with a Surf SOHO? Does this setup make sense: computers–(data vLAN 1)–>phones----(Voice vLAN 2 and Data vLAN 1)—>switch------>router (where both vLANs configured) port 1. Router port 2 would go to firewall device. Router WAN port would go to cable modem. The switch is unmanaged. The firewall device is managed by the larger firm and has DHCP setup. Do I have to statically assign anything? Any advice that you could provide would be appreciated! Thanks!

Hi and welcome to the forum. There are a number of things you can do to improve voip call quality, and segregating data and voip can help with that but it does feel like you’re being fobbed off a bit.

One of my favorite approaches is to combine 4G with existing fixed line connectivity just to improve VOiP and the Peplink technologies make that dead easy. What sort of 4G speeds can you get on your phone in your office?

Where are you in the world - you’d likely benefit from having someone local assist.

4G speeds? We aren’t using 4G. We are using a cable connection with our ISP and desk Yealink VOIP phones.

I know. VoIP can often very easily and quickly be solved by combining 4G with a cable fixed line connection.

Look here for some inspiration

We have a couple of customers who have Yealink phones and we do as well. In each case we point the SIP traffic down a SFC WAN smoothing tunnel which is comprised of cable internet and 4G – which is an example of what @MartinLangmaid is suggesting. Works splendidly. In the end of things the internet remains a “best effort” enterprise. Having two very different paths often helps in a really big way.