Trying to replace my SonicWall VPN with SpeedFusion

Sorry, but I’m very new to Peplink. I was brought here by a desperate need to increase the speed of our VPN by bonding 5 DSL connections.

I have a 580 Balance in the main office and a 210 at the remote office - Both in Drop-in Mode outside of a SonicWall TZ215

I have Speed Fusion setup and established. When I do the performance testing on the SpeedFusion the speeds are as expected - about 20 mbps., however both devices seem to show the IP subnet local to them as the remote IP’s. So, if I turn off my SonicWall VPN the ability to ping the other site is lost. The connectivity through the SonicWall has slowed to slower than a crawl.

I can’t find anything that shows me how I should have set this up. I thought I would be able to disable my SonicWALL VPN connection once the SpeedFusion was setup between these sites OR have the VPN use the increased speed of the Peplink connection. Right now I have neither.

Also, will the PepLink see all of the subnets behind my firewall and forward them all across the SpeedFusion VPN?

Quick update …

Trying to copy a 300MB file across the SonicWALL VPN is taking about 8 minutes with SpeedFusion disabled and 25 minutes with it turned on and established.

I have tried several settings with Static Routes in the LAN settings, but this doesn’t seem to affect the speed either way.

Please open a support ticket so we can take a closer look at this: