Trying to connect to BlueSky UCM (using static IP)

I am trying to connect to the BlueSky solar charge controller UCM (Universal Communication Module), via a Surf SOHO, so I can see the UCM web site on my Win 10 PC.
From the UCM manual:

Refer to the router’s documentation regarding communication setup for fixed IP Address devices. However, many
routers require two things be changed,

  1. Change the UCM’s IP Address to be within the IP Address range the router can assign via DCHP, and
  2. Add the new UCM IP Address to the routers DCHP Reservation list to reserve the UCM’s new IP Address for exclusive use by the UCM.

I can’t quite figure out how to do this with the Surf SOHO. I first tried to change the DHCP range, but I wasn’t sure what range to use that would be appropriate, and the one thing I tried gave an error message.
The IP that I’m trying to get to is
The current Surf SOHO DHCP range is -

Pretty sure you need to be making changes on the bluesky device. Log into it and change the IP to something in your LAN, but outside of your dhcp range. You could use in your setup provided you haven’t assigned it to another device.

Hope this helps.

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I was able to set up the BlueSky as and it worked, thanks.

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