Trying to acsess

I’m told to go to to acsess my surf and go but it just hangs. What am I missing? Can’t connect to my surf and go pepwave.

You could try and pin reset it to factory defaults and try again.

I did try that and still no responce to

You could try a different Ethernet cable and computer, if it still doesn’t work it could be a defective unit.

If it is still under warranty it would be replaced for free.

My Surf Soho uses, perhaps you mis-read a number in the IP address. Or, just attach a computer configured for DHCP (the norm) to a LAN port of the router. The computer should get an IP address and you can tell from that what the likely IP of the router is. In the worst case, see this article on determining the IP address of a router:

If you are trying to access via a windows computer:

Note: Ensure that your computer is setup to obtain a IP address automatically

  1. Hold the windows button and the press r (this will open run prompt)
  2. Then type in cmd (This will open a command prompt)
  3. Type in: ipconfig
  4. Underneath the IPv4 Address and subnet mask it should tell you what the default gateway address is. The default gateway address will be the IP of the SOHO that you can access it at.
    Also try http://“IP Address” and https://“IP Address”