Troubleshooting DNS Proxy Cache

I recently enabled DNS Proxy on my Balance One (up to date firmware). After a while, one of the local web sites starts failing to resolve to an IP address with a “site not found” error or “SERVFAIL” when testing with IP utilities on Mac OS X. I confirmed that the site was propagating DNS correctly with some “is it up” type internet utilities and through my work laptop which could resolve it.

To make it interesting, I had been using recursive name servers ( The action that fixes this issue is to (a) disable DNS Caching.

Is there a utility that allows one to see DNS queries, success rate, etc.? Any idea why this individual site might become corrupted in the cache? I know it is on a shared Apache server and on a shared IP address (

Chip Gallo

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The DNS Proxy uses DNS servers on the WAN interfaces and caching is disabled by default. Do you have the same DNS servers you were using on the WAN interfaces? Clicking the “?” at the DNS Proxy Settings will take you to a link with advanced settings to control this feature.


Caching is enabled on the WAN interface. On the Network DHCP I am using Quad9 DNS for lookups. Is there a utility that can report on cache hits or otherwise troubleshoot this?


Please open a support ticket for support team to check. We need to investigate from the device.

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This has been done.

We will followup with you via support ticket. Feel free to update the status here after support team identify the issue :point_up_2:

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Was there a resolution brought to this? I am seeing the same problem, also using Quad9.

We confirmed that changing the DNS server to resolved the issue and the ticket was closed per Chip’s request.

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