Troubleshoot failed smart check

We have a MAX BR1 that regularly fails the SmartCheck health check with one particular provider. However, if we disable the SmartChecks the service comes up and works great. How can we diagnose what part of the SmartCheck is failing and fix it so that we don’t have to disable it for this particular provider?


The DNS servers for the provider are probably flaky, I recommend to use Google DNS servers for the health check: and Thanks.


You can find the Smart Check detail info here:

As mentioned by Tim, you may change using other health check method to see whether this will help for your environment.

Thank You

The secondary was already but I will configure them for the google or L3 resolvers and see if that solves the problem. Thanks for your help!


When using SmartCheck, which hosts do this Health Check method use?

Does it use as hosts the DNS servers configured the Cellular WAN connection settings?


@hcardenas, the health check target for Smart Check is hardcoded by default. Anyway, you can specify your own health check target as below:

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What values are hardcoded for the SmartCheck Health Check Method if the user does not specifically program them?