Troubles while trying to configure speedfusion through 4G LTE modem.

Hey guys,

I’m having a bad time trying to configure a speedfusion vpn between a balance 580 and a max BR1.
The 580 is behind a 4G LTE modem with a public static IP address, the BR1. Problem is, the 580 WAN port remains in 192.168.x.x , so it can’t be reached by the BR1…
Is there any solution ? Bridge mode on the LTE modem or something ? I’m far from being a network expert, forgive me if I’m missing something obvious.


You’ll need to add some port forwarding rules from the 4G LTE modem with the static IP on the B580 wan to its private WAN IP. You want to forward UDP 4500 and TCP /UDP 32015 from the public IP through to the B580 WAN with its private IP.

Let me know if I can help.

Thanks mate, it worked !
Kudos to you.

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Glad to hear you got it working!