Trouble with WiFi handoff on AP One Mini

What is the best way to set up an AP One Mini (v3.7.0) with a Pepwave SOHO MK3 (v8.0.1)?

I am having an issue in certain areas of my house where I lose my internet connection even though I am still connected to my WiFi network. I am using the same SSID and password for the Mini and SOHO. My hack-y workaround has been to turn off WiFi on my device (i.e. iPhone) for a few seconds and turn it back on. After a few tries, I am able to get connection to the internet again.

I am using the web interface with these settings:

AP One Mini:

  • Operating Mode
    • Bridge Mode
  • WAN Settings:
    • DHCP
    • Routing Mode: NAT
    • DNS Servers: (Points to my SOHO IP address)

Please forgive the newbie-ish question as Iā€™m not much of an expert when it comes to networking. Thanks in advance.

To add to this, using a simple WiFi test app (Net Analyzer on iOS) I can see the handoff occurring promptly between the SOHO and AP. It takes minutes though (w/o user intervention) before I get an IP address and can ping the router.

Any ideas?

DHCP Range: -

(currently set as static IP)

(currently set as static IP)

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Hi cccp23,

The issue you are suffering is not expected.
Could you open a support ticket for us to take a closer look on your devices?


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I have the same hardware (AP One Mini connected to Surf SOHO mk3 over powerline ethernet), with same configuration and I have the same problem: when moving my iphone, ipad or macbook pro it takes about 2 minutes to re-establish internet connectivity when joining the AP One. I will be interested in the response from support.

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Support ticket created (9110412). Thank you for looking into this.