Trouble with AT&T MAX BR1

Lost LTE Signal last night - rebooted, messed with freqs - cant obtain an IP Address.
This is a fixed location so Antenna has not moved.

Here are my connection numbers:
LTE Band 4 (AWS 1700/2100 MHz)

RSSI: -80dBmSINR: 0.6dBRSRP: -114dBmRSRQ: -16.0dB

How can i figure out if i have a local hardware issue vs AT&T being troublesome?

Hi blentz,
There could be a few causes. The first and most likely would be the signal values, it looks like these are within a poor threshold and could be preventing the device from fully establishing a connection and obtaining an IP address. At the end of this post I’ve pasted a picture which shows signal values and what to look for.

Another possible cause is that AT&T requires your particular SIM card to specify the APN. This would be something to confirm with AT&T but if it does you can configure it through the cellular details page of the Peplink Web Administrator.

Lastly, the current firmware version for Peplink devices is 8.0.0. If you are not already running this version please try upgrading and see if problems persist.

Thank you

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Colin, i know we have signal strength challenges - we are at 9,000ft in the Rocky Mtns. We normally get 15MB downloads with the signal quality we have - which is FANSTASTIC for our location - DSL is the only other option at 1.2MBPS.

Having said that, our signal was restored so AT&T must have had some “issues” at the Cell Tower we are hitting.

Thank you for the response and we will upgrade to the L&G Firmware.