Trouble setting up BR-1 mini

I have spent two days trying to setup a MAX BR-1 Mini LTE. I have managed to get myself locked out of the unit when trying to log on to the ste at The unit will not accept what I think my password is. It was login: admin and password: admin and I must have changed it. How can I reset this unit?

Hi Scott,
The first time you log in you will be prompted to change the password from the default, so if you’ve been working on setting it up you likely did change the password.
On the BR1 mini there is a small pinhole reset button just beneath the status, WiFi, and Cellular LED indicators. If you hold that reset button in for 5 seconds using a paperclip or something similar, the login credentials will be reset to the factory defaults (admin/admin). That should get you back in.
I’d mention also that If you hold the button in for 10 seconds, it will return the entire device to the factory default settings resetting all the configuration.

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