Trouble integrating peplink with a Cisco PIX 515

We have recently had some difficulty to integrate our Peplink solution into a network. Our current Network setup is as follows in brief. We have two WAN links. WAN link 1 has a network address of and WAN link 2 has a network address of The LAN side with an IP of is connected to a Cisco PIX firewall. Between the Peplink and the PIX we want to perform IP forwarding. From the PIX we want to use NAT to a server with an IP of 10.100.10/24 behind the PIX. When we try to create the second NAT rule the PIX display’s ‘ERROR: duplicate of existing static’.

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The Best way to approach this issue would be to create a service ticket and send into us a diagnostic report while the issue is occurring along with a network diagram with your IP’s listed for review.

Instructions on capturing the report can be found at the following link-

You can create the ticket and send in everything at the following link-

Once everything is turned in, we can review the information and figure out the best way to proceed.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

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The Peplink Team