Trigger speedfusion only when certain WANs available (or disable speedfusion temporarily)

I have multiple WANs: cellular, WiFi, etc, but their availability and performance varies based on location. If I leave home base, there may be no WiFi WAN or wired WAN, only cellular.

I have two speedfusion tunnels: 1) one that uses all WiFi and wired WANs, 2) the other uses all WiFi, wired, and cellular WANs. The latter second tunnel uses smoothing for critical wifi calling, voip, etc.

As for devices, some have outbound policies that route them through: A) the WiFi WAN connections, and if they are unavailable then cellular (no speed fusion), B) some devices go through the primary speed fusion that leverages only the WiFi and wired WANs, C) other devices (the critical voip/etc) use a secondary speed fusion tunnel that uses ALL WANs including cellular.

What I am curious about is whether I can have a rule that when cellular is the only WAN available, everything is routed through cellular directly, with no speed fusion tunnel. I am concerned about overhead when available cellular speeds are slow and connectivity issues in problem locations. I was in a bad area for a week and watched the speed fusion tunnels constantly connect and disconnect. I’d just rather they remain disconnected. Even if I had to do this manually, is there an easy way to disable the tunnels temporality?


I can’t think of a way to set rule to do what you’d like.
Manually disabling is a simple untick of the enable box as long as you have cellular selected as a fallback option in your Outbound Policy setting.

Thank you but I am not using Speedfusion Cloud and the tunnel is currently managed by Incontrol. I can’t find a way to simply do a couple clicks while logged into the local admin page and disable the tunnel(s)… I’d have to do it through Incontrol.