Trick to get 5ghz to work?

Ok, I’m all out of wits.

I want to connect my PepWave Max BR1 to a 5ghz AP and then from another 5ghz device (phone or laptop), connect to the PepWave and have it route.

However, no matter what I can’t get the PepWave to connect to a 5ghz network (2.4 ghz is fine). I’ve tried public AP setups, I’ve tried my home - which is a multi-Access Point Ubiquity setup. Tried a dedicated access point that’s 10 feet away. Also tried to connect from the PepWave to my phone as a hotspot. Moved somewhere else that’s 100 miles away just in case it’s interference. It either just stay “connecting” or flip in and out from “connecting”.

Ok, figured out, maybe it’s my Antenna. Swap out for another antenna. Tried using the antenna’s that came with the box. Same thing.

Ok, finally gave up and threw out the Max BR1 and got a Max Transit 5G instead…


What gives? I’ve now swapped literally all the hardware, location and client devices. Every other device I have connects to those AP’s instantly and I get 200mbps+. It’s just the PepWave that can’t connect at all - not even a little.

Can you share some screen grabs of how you have the WiFi WAN configured on your Max Transit?

If you go to AP > Nearby Device is your AP listed and on the expected channel?

Is there anything in the Event Log (Status > Event Log) on your Peplink when it is trying to connect the WiFi WAN that may give you some clue?

You say you have some UniFi APs - do you see any logs on them showing whether the Peplink is attempting to associate and anything that may explain why it is not able to?