Transit port forwarding

I am having issues getting port forwarding working. Im using the transit in a remote location for Weather Stations and Broadband when im on site… I changed the admin port to 4443 so not to interfere and I cerated a port forwarding rule for 80 and 443 to connect to the weather server… Can someone maybe help me out?

Most cellular carriers will be handing you a private NAT’d IP address and it is not possible to do port forwarding with that. Can you confirm? Thanks

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Incontrol is showing my public IP address and I have working do I can dig for the FQDN and get the correct response… Is that what your asking Im sorry if im not following.

Please confirm you can log into the web admin of the Transit coming in from the cellular interface. Thanks

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I can not hit the management page over cellular I must go to the in-control…

That means that even though you might be seeing a public IP address on the interface it is still not routable for inbound traffic. I would confirm with your carrier and most likely you will need to subscribe to a static IP.

You can confirm this by comparing your cellular interface IP to that of “InControl Detected IP”. Thanks


Ahhh I see that now!!! Thank you for explaining this…

Hey, I moved over from T-Mobile to the Sprint SIM and I can now connect to the admin page of the router through the cellular connection… However, I still can not connect to a device behind it that has port forwarding configured. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please confirm the device on the inside points to the LAN IP address of the transit for its default gateway.

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yes it does. It gets its IP from the transit and I have a DHCP reservation. I have Remote users working with L2TP but the port forwarding just isn’t working. I guess for now thats okay since the remote user rote is more secure. However, I will have cameras going up in about 3 weeks and they will need to have port forwarding… So it would be nice to learn it now.

For another quick test - do ports 80 and 443 also work for web admin coming in from the cellular interface without any port forwarding configured?

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im using port 4443 for admin and it works

Please try 80 and 443 though to confirm. The reason why is carriers will intentionally block these two ports.

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