Transit mini WiFi WAN *and* AP?

New to these products, so forgive any misunderstandings…

Can the new Transit mini use WiFi WAN and act as a Wifi AP at the same time?

I believe that the MAX BR1 can do this: “Wi-Fi WAN and/or AP”.

While the Transit mini says: " Wi-Fi WAN^ or AP".


Hi Gregzuro,

Thank you for your inquiry.

The Wi-Fi AP and Wi-Fi WAN should be able to run together with PrimeCare Subscription, which is complementary for the first year.

You may refer to the below for reference:

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Thanks so much!

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How do I get that?
I’ve just plugged in a new unit and I have the cellular (no sim card) but no (apparent) ability to add the WiFi WAN.

Also, It’s not at all clear how to add PrimeCare…

FYI, incontrol doesn’t show a firmware activation key for this device:

Device Name	MAX_TST_D077  Hide
Serial Number	2936-BCBB-D077
Model	Pepwave MAX Transit Mini
Web Admin Authentication	Device Managed
Uptime	-
Online	-
First Appeared	-
Last Config Applied	-
PepVPN / SpeedFusion Peer Limit	2
History	Event Log
Firmware	Click here to download the latest firmware
Last Config Updated by InControl	Pending to update (Last attempt: 1 hours 3 minutes ago (2019-08-20 13:43:23))
Configuration Backups	Download ...
Warranty Expiry Date	2020-07-18 (In warranty)

On the status page you should be able to activate the failover trial, this will enable wan and wifi-as-wan for 30 days. I’m not sure about primecare, I would think if the first year is included these features should already be turned on. You may have to also upgrade to the latest firmware to activate primecare?

I’d like to try the latest firmware, but there are no pointers to any firmware for this product that I can find.

Any tips? :slight_smile:

Oh. The WiFi WAN options appeared. I have no idea what caused it to happen, though.

Now I have another much more serious problem (boot loop related to cellular WAN) for which I’d like to find firmware…

If you change the last part of your address bar from index.cgi to support.cgi you can update the cellular firmware.
I believe the BR1 max used the same base firmware.
I would try the beta firmware on the transit mini, I’ll ask peplink to update the firmware for the transit mini on the same page.

In the search type max br1

That beta firmware seems to be different for each product. Can you be sl. more specific re which one of those you mean (that I can use one intended for a device different from mine leads me to believe that the probability of bricking it is high)?

It has been my experience that it doesn’t allow you to brick the device.
It ends with can’t upload or something similar.
There are many firmware that are based on a family, that support a lot of units.
I would try

Cellular module firmware update Check for update

responds with Please try again later which is ambiguous… So not sure if there’s an update available or not.

I’ll try the BR1 MAX beta firmware…


There’s no reference to failover or any other sort of trial on the status page, FWIW.

It’s still rebooting with
8.0.1b02 build 3539
on there. :frowning:

I would file a support ticket [email protected] or contact your distributor.