Transit Mini WiFi Problems

Owned the Transit Mini for just over a month and running into a slew of issues, both with the AP and the WAN functionality:

(1) Device SSID (advertised thru the AP) stopped showing on clients, while InControl setting shows the SSID Visibility checkbox is checked.

(2) Connecting to a captive portal WiFi AP never completes, alternating between scanning to obtaining IP address then returning to scanning. The captive portal screen never shows up to ok the connection.

(3) Connecting the Transit Mini to a WiFi AP (with MacBookPro wired to the LAN port) and running the command-line ping utility shows latency about twice as slow as the ping running with the MacBookPro connecting directly to the WiFi AP.


Do you have support ticket opened for the above mentioned issue ? For WIFI problem, in most of the cases, we have to isolate whether it’s related to WIFI interference. Do you try before using WIFI Scanner to check on this ? Based on the description above, it sound like WIFI interference that the packet sent get delayed due to the channel spectrum is congested by others.

I’ll open support tickets for these issues.

Re WiFi interference, the laptop connects to the remote AP while the Transit WiFi WAN fails to connect to it. Wouldn’t interference affect client connectivity the same way? Is there config setup in the Transit to circumvent that?

WIFI interference may happen intermittently and depend on the congestion of the channel. As mentioned by Sit Loong, using a WIFI scanner will help to determine what is happening there.