Transit mini duo Wi-Fi issues resolved

So I have had numerous issues with Wi-Fi on my transit mini due and I have finally solved the problem without adding equipment. The issue I had was Wi-Fi would stop allowing devices to connect and prevent connection to the internet but wired lan connections would work. The issue would pop up every few days sometimes multiple times a day. I have seen several threads on the forums which talk about the problem but all their solutions failed to resolve the issue. The issue seemed to be most problematic when using Wi-Fi as wan and using the Wi-Fi as an access point. After many trials and error I finally have a solution.
To solve the problem without equipment being needed you need to change the Wi-Fi as wan to a fixed channel from auto. On the Wi-Fi access point you need to change the channel to a fixed channel different from the Wi-Fi as was channel. Once done, the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi as wan will work as it should without failing. I have been running for two weeks straight without issue. I figured Iā€™d share this info as other will benefit from this solution. If you have question please contact me on this thread.

To solve this issue I had to

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Thanks for sharing your solution Anthony.