Transit Max 5G and T-Mobile

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I just upgraded my Max BR1 to the Transit 5g with the cat20 radio in the hopes of getting 5G from T-Mobile. I went to the store to sign up for a plan and the 100GB plan is only for 5G devices, no big deal, I wanted to upgrade to something that can handle FirstNet anyway so I took the plunge.

I put in the T-Mobile card on the 100GB plan and couldn’t get on the network. The carrier kept showing wrong (Verizon, AT&T, never T-Mobile). I called up their tech support and was told the 100GB plan is ONLY supported on four devices, their hotspot (forget the model), a Samsung tablet, and two iPad versions.

I validated the router by pulling my pre-paid T-Mobile SIM from my Max BR1 and it came right online, so it does seem that their network isn’t allowing the router to join.

Is anybody else out there using the T-Mobile 100GB plan on the Transit 5G?


I move my tmobile 100GB sim card between devices without issue.

Have you tried turning off 5G or hardcoding whatever bands work on the other device? This seems like a bug. Have you updated your firmware?

I put in a prepaid t mobile card and that came right up. I’m going to try my Firstnet sim a little later today but that’s currently running my BR1.

I upgraded to the latest recommended build for the Max 5G, there was a especially version not the GA version.

How long have you had your plan?

The guy in the store mentioned they made some changes to the 100 gig plan about two weeks ago, I’m wondering if something in the change is blocking devices. Their support people saw my IMEI on the network, it just wouldn’t join.

Just went through this myself.

New Transit Max 5G, on the right “special” firmware. Sim didn’t work. In 5G/all mode, it would try to connect to AT&T but bounce and restart. In LTE, it would try for a moment on T-mobile, but then bounce to AT&T.

After spending almost 2 hours (wait time, escalations), it got confirmed that their “new” 100GB plan at $60 only work with 4 specific devices for now (iPad Pro, a samsung tablet, their hotspot and another I can’t remember). Only the 100GB plan is in this weird limitation; the 50GB plan doesn’t have that restriction and works well on the Peplink. We repeated the experiment and confirmed from the TOS of the plans… So for now, I got their 50GB plan which will be enough but will be looking for other options.

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Well crap, that is the same answer I got. It sounds like they JUST changed the 100GB plan. I was offered to move to the 50GB plan for $50/month so I am deciding what to do here too. At that point I may just keep the pre-paid SIM and put $50 on it when I need to use it since I primarily use my AT&T sim anyway, T was just as a backup in case there wasn’t AT&T coverage, it is the same price, I don’t have to pay when I am not using it, and in my Transit 5G it did connect at 5G on the pre-paid card.

I am hoping this changes soon, Peplink announced today that the Transit 5G is now certified for use on the T-Mobile 5G network, so maybe they’ll open it back up.

Thanks for confirming I’m not crazy!